Deadly gas leak in Shuwaikh contained

fireKUWAIT: Firemen controlled an ammonia gas leak in an industrial Shuwaikh company. Ammonia gas is used for cooling in large refrigerators. The leak was discovered in the basement of a fruits company. Industrial Shuwaikh and Mubarak Al-Kabeer hazardous material centers responded to the scene and those present in the area were asked to move 100 to 200 meters away from the site, while fans were used to reduce the high concentration of the gas. Company technicians were later allowed in to ensure the valve was closed, and the company aeration system was put on. No injuries were reported.

Knives confiscated A campaign carried out by General Security at the Entertainment City resulted in the confiscation of sharp objects. A security source said the youths who had the knives were not allowed entry to the city, because their motives behind carrying the objects were unknown.

Two dead in separate cases An Egyptian man died before reaching the hospital, and the cause of death was discovered to be a result of drowning. In another incident, an Asian man was killed in a laborers’ residence in Mina Abdallah. A security source said preliminary examination indicates foul play was involved.

Explosives Bomb squads took action over an explosive device in Nuwaiseeb, which surfaced due to erosion. Officers secured the area shortly after arriving to the scene in response to an emergency call

Two-car fire Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh firemen dealt with a fire in two cars, reported recently in the area. A driver of one of the cars had a minor arm injury and was treated on site

Neglected cars removed Kuwait Municipality Public Relations department said the Public Cleanliness and Road Occupancy department in Hawally removed 82 neglected cars. It also issued 67 licenses and collected KD 10,488 in fees for restaurants and cafes and games shops during the month of June.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

This article was published on 22/07/2015