Dates, Al-Safat, Al-Manakh -traditional Kuwaiti markets



KUWAIT: The Dates, Al-Safat, Al-Manakh, and Al-Ferrdah markets were vital business hubs which steered Kuwait’s economic growth in the past. Set for different purposes, these markets played an important role in importing and exporting goods to and from Kuwait as well as providing local products to customers in the old days.

Speaking about the historical significance of the markets, researcher Mohammad Abdulhadi Jamal said that despite being a small nation, Kuwait still is considered as a strong economic force in the region. One of the major old markets in Kuwait was Al-Ferrdah, said Jamal, adding that the market, named after a seaport, was one of the busiest locations for trade due the fact that goods and cargo were directly loaded and unloaded straight from ships into the market. The market sold a variety of products ranging from foodstuff to consumer goods, said the researcher.

Meanwhile, Jamal spoke about the proceedings Al-Manakh market, saying that the name came from the fact that the area was the resting spot for caravans heading from and to markets in Al-Sham, Iraq, Najed, and other regions back in the day. Al-Manakh was considered as a parallel market for goods were stocks played a major role in bring riches to those involved.

One of the most significant events in Al- Manakh’s history was the crash of 1982, said Jamal, adding that deals were conducted on the basis of trust among merchants; however, something happened which made things go “haywire”. And it namesake might suggest, the Dates market also played an important part in the economy of Kuwait in the past, noted the historical researcher. The market was exclusively establish for the dates industry and only that, affirmed Jamal, noting that the location of market varied due to the passage of time, but the business still remain as substantial till this day. — KUNA

This article was published on 30/06/2016