Couple arrested for man’s stab murder in Bneid Al-Gar fight

KUWAIT: An Egyptian man in his thirties was killed after an Asian man stabbed him in the heart during a fight in Bneid Al-Gar. Paramedics pronounced the man dead on the scene after reporting there with police in response to an emergency call. The body was sent to the coroner. The murder weapon was recovered, and an eyewitness said that the suspected murderer was an Asian man. Detectives were able to identify the suspect in less than 24 hours, and  investigations revealed that he along with his wife committed the murder, and both were arrested at the airport. Both confessed and gave full details about the crime and were sent to concerned authorities to be questioned about their motives and face criminal charges. A third person is being sought for involvement in the case.


A man told Sabahiya police that his neighbor’s son broke the side window of his car and removed a bag that was on the passenger’s seat. A driver who works for third neighbor told him who the culprit was. Police arrested the suspect and he confessed to the crime, claiming he thought some valuables were in the bag. He faces a legal action.

Under the influence

A collision between two vehicles in Mahboula led to the discovery of a liquor bottle with one of them. The man also had illicit pills and a knife, so he was sent to concerned authorities. Police who responded to a call about the accident found one of those involved was in an abnormal condition and incoherent, so he was arrested and the illicit material was found with him. Meanwhile, Ahmadi police arrested a citizen for being in an abnormal condition and having shabu. He was sent to the Drugs Control General Department. The man was arrested in Fahaheel.


Two female citizens exchanged accusations of insults and misuse of phones, so both were charged with exchanging insults and threats. The neighbors exchanged insulting messages along with threats, then had a fight in front of the apartment of one of them in Jahra, then both went to the police station. Both were sent for questioning.

Domestic violence

A Filipina beautician accused her Egyptian husband of beating her and lodged a complaint against him. She said her husband waited under the building where she works, then asked her to come down to speak about a problem they had, but when she told him she was busy, he became angry. When she came down, he beat her badly. Police summoned him for questioning and he may face legal action.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

This article was published on 13/08/2018