The complete lifestyle package

A multi-hued bow of healthy choices!

Noora S AlAskar

Noora S AlAskar

Hello everyone! The past decade has brought about a vortex of information regarding nutrition. This leads people to ask a most crucial question – where do you start? Before I begin with my health hacks, I’ll explain to you a few things very briefly from my perspective to help you understand how healthy living and healthy eating can properly work for you

Well first you have the Macronutrients which are your basic essentials: water, carbohydrates, fats, and protein.  Then you have your Micronutrients, the vitamins and minerals, these are what I like to call, the “superheroes” of good nutrition. Within these micronutrients comes a vast array of colorful nutrients that are essential to the proper functioning of our body, a treasure box. Open that box; pick a jewel, each jewel (nutrient) has a purpose that benefits our body.

Your body’s needs are as unique to you as your fingerprint; no two people have the same requirements.  The first step is to identify your individual needs; the second step is to identify the cause: the third step is to make sure you are getting the correct nutrients in the exact amounts to meet your needs. For example (this is case specific, everyone’s needs are different).

For example let’s talk hair!

Needs: hair strengthening and radiant skin
Cause: lack of protein, stress, and hormone imbalance

Requirements: silica, biotin, B6, ACE, omega 7, cysteine

Food: whole grains, salmon, lean beef, cucumbers, flaxseed, wheat germ

As I often tell my lovely clients, excellent nutrition is not all about diets and calorie counts; it is a complete lifestyle package, wrapped up in a multi-hued bow of healthy choices! It is your own individual power tool, for whatever needs you have. Until next time!

By Noora S AlAskar

This article was published on 10/11/2016