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Sisi inaugurates ‘new Suez Canal’ – Amir takes part in celebrations

ISMAILIYA: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi staged a lavish ceremony yesterday to unveil a “new” Suez Canal, seeking to boost the country’s economy and international standing by expanding the vital…

Egypt to unveil Suez Canal extension – IS threatens to kill Croatian abducted in Egypt

CAIRO: Egypt is to unveil a major extension of the Suez Canal today, a mega-project that has emerged as a cornerstone of President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi’s efforts to restore national pride…

‘Extensive’ fight against IS to start soon: Turkey – US planning to fly manned aircraft out of Turkey

ANKARA: An armed drone taking off from Turkey launched a strike on the Islamic State group yesterday, a US official said, as Turkey’s foreign minister said American aircraft had begun…

Kurdish president vows to avenge Yazidis – ‘IS have left thousands of bodies on the battlefield’

3 years on, Jordan refugee camp for Syrians now a city

ZAATARI REFUGEE CAMP: Only empty desert three years ago, the Mideast’s largest camp for Syrian civil war refugees has grown from a town of tents into a bustling city. The…

UAE to try 41 suspects for seeking ‘caliphate’ – ‘Minaret Youth’ cell accused of planning terror attacks

Turkish troops killed in ‘PKK suicide attack’ – Ankara continues air campaign against rebels

25 rebels killed in failed Aleppo attack – Syrian Kurd forces say Turkey targeting them

Iraqi Kurds call on PKK to ‘withdraw’ – Death toll mounts as Turkey pounds PKK

Saudi executes Pakistani heroin smuggler

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia yesterday beheaded a convicted Pakistani heroin trafficker, adding to a sharp increase in executions this year. Shah Faisal Azeem Shah was found guilty of smuggling the drugs…

Despite bombing, IS no weaker than a year ago – US led bombing campaign has changed nothing

‘PKK attack’ kills two police as tensions boil in Turkey – Attacks pinned on Kurds, raising fear of dark days