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Swords and skewers at Thailand’s gruesome vegetarian festival

Porn film plays on Jakarta billboard, police probe

JAKARTA: An explicit pornographic video was broadcast on a public billboard in broad daylight in Jakarta, with police and cybercrime specialists yesterday searching for the culprit behind the gaffe. The…

Indonesian sentenced to death in fatal gang-rape case

Probe: Malaysian jet downed by missile launcher from Russia – Solid evidence

Duterte: After tough talk, damage control prevails

Duterte pivots to China, Russia as investors flee

North Korean defectors sold as brides in China want kids back

Chinese outrage over ‘ugly’ restoration of Great Wall – ‘If this is the result, you might as well have just blown it up’

BEIJING: Chinese social media users were in an uproar yesterday over restoration of a 700-year-old section of the Great Wall that has been covered in cement, turning it into a…

Philippine militants ‘got ransom for Norwegian’

4-in-10 Japanese are virgins: Poll

TOKYO: More than 40 percent of young Japanese single adults are virgins, a government survey has shown, and almost three-quarters of men are not in any kind of relationship. The…

Philippine president seeks extension of bloody war on drugs – “Even if I wanted to, I cannot kill them all.”

Norwegian says his Philippine kidnapping was ‘devastating’