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China, India eye new Asian Century – Asia may hold half the world’s GDP by 2050

Nine fresh killings in Philippines drug war

Japanese jailed for cutting off and flushing rival private part

TOKYO: A former boxer who chopped off the penis of his wife’s lover with a pair of garden shears before flushing it down the toilet was jailed in Japan yesterday.…

China floods kill 130, wipe out crops

‘Mosque-mobile’ makes praying easier in Jakarta

Duterte, ‘the punisher’, sworn in as Philippines’ president – Political shake-up raises doubt about economic, China policies

Drug pusher deaths jump as Duterte takes office – Concerns about vigilante justice, lack of due process

Parents told to contact doctors amid Indonesia vaccine scandal – ‘If vaccinations need to be redone then we will do it’

Empty houses and jobless maids: Indonesia expat exodus quickens

JAKARTA: Foreign workers are leaving Indonesia at an increasing rate due to the slump in commodity prices that has forced resource companies to slash jobs at a time when the…

Philippines’ Duterte looking to destroy ‘Imperial Manila’ – President-elect vows to rewrite constitution

Japan’s ‘waddling ducks’ undergo stiletto therapy

Feminists, look away! Fashion police in Japan want to ’empower’ women by persuading them to wear high heels, insisting the country’s historic ‘kimono culture’ has led to many women having…

Hong Kong becomes world’s costliest city