Bogus helpers’ office run by Ethiopian busted

Domestic helpers office run by an Ethiopian man

Domestic helpers office run by an Ethiopian man

KUWAIT: Detectives received information about an unlicensed domestic helpers office run by an Ethiopian man. The man provided helpers on an hourly basis to citizens and expats, which is illegal according to Kuwait’s labor regulations. Furthermore, all the maids were either absconding or working for other sponsors. Residency detectives conducted a raid and all persons inside were arrested. Kuwait has seen an uptick in the establishment of unlicensed or ‘fake’ offices hiring out domestic helpers as the costs of recruiting domestic helpers from abroad has risen drastically.

Municipality inspection campaigns
Kuwait Municipality continued its food inspection campaigns targeting baqalas, restaurants, coops and grocery stores. The Public Relations Department said Mubarak Al-Kabeer Municipality branch carried out an inspection campaign on a factory west of Abu Fateera area resulting in issuing one citation for a violation that involved an employee working before obtaining a health license and not complying with cleanliness rules. The department asked people to call the hotline (1844448) in case any complaint at any time.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

This article was published on 30/11/2016