Bedoon detained for having forged Bahraini passport

KUWAIT: A bedoon was referred to the forgery department for attempting to leave the country with a forged Bahraini passport. He said he paid a citizen KD 15,000 for the passport. When the forger was contacted on the mobile number provided by the suspect, he was found already arrested and in central prison for other felonies. The bedoon had given the forged passport to officers at the land border exit, but they did not find any entry data for the passport, so he was sent for investigations and confessed. The passport is forged.

‘Silent killer drug’
Criminal detectives discovered yet another drug called “kinja”, which is highly potent and can be described as the “silent killer drug”. Two Bangladeshi suspects are refusing to reveal the source of the drug and where it is made after 295 gm of the drug was confiscated. The drug and the two suspects along with KD 100 in marked notes were sent to the drugs prosecution. A security source said detectives received tips about a Bangladeshi trading in drugs and learned about the new drug, so an undercover agent made contacts with the suspect and agreed to buy 5 gm of “kinja” for KD 100.

The suspect was arrested when the exchange was completed. The source handed the drug and the suspect returned the marked notes. The suspect then led detectives to the house of the second suspect, where four plastic bags containing nearly 295 gm of kinja, shabu and Tramadol were found. Both confessed to trading in drugs but remained silent when asked about the source. Al-Rai/Al-Anbaa

This article was published on 09/10/2018