‘Beautiful’ woman blackmails eight well-to-do men

KUWAIT: A “beautiful” woman blackmailed eight well-to-do men after having affairs with them. She then gave them an ultimatum to either pay up or they will be exposed. The woman is still free, but being monitored by police. The woman’s modus operandi is as follows. After establishing what seems to be a good relationship, the woman starts asking for money, which is seen by the victim as normal. This continues for several months, then after a few months, she asks for a sizeable amount of money. If the man pays, she ends the relationship with him a few days later. If she is met with refusal, she pretends to remain in a relationship before going to the police and claiming she was raped, and submits ‘evidence’ to prove her claims. When the victim realizes he will face a scandal, he tries to settle the matter, and the woman makes him pay double what she asked for earlier. A security source said the woman will be arrested soon, adding she is free because there is no legal proof of her criminal actions.

Patrol boat damaged
The Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) held a citizen responsible for repairing a boat after three Egyptian fishermen who manned a boat he owns were found fishing in an off-limit area. They then collided with a patrol boat and damaged its engine, then escaped. Deputy Director General of PAAAFR Marzouq Al-Azmi said patrolmen noticed a violating boat with three men onboard and they were asked to stop. But they revved the engine and cut the rope, causing a collision with the patrol boat. The coastguard recovered the violating boat and charged its owner. The three are being sought by police on charges of attacking PAAAFR employees, escaping and violating fishing laws.

Chalet burned
Jahra detectives are looking for two men accused of burning a citizen’s chalet. The interior ministry received a call about the fire, so firemen responded and put out the blaze. A police source said the chalet’s owner lodged a complaint against two persons he knows over setting the blaze. Investigations are underway.

Bootlegger arrested
Police arrested an Indian man for selling homebrewed liquor and found 160 bottles with him. He was sent to concerned authorities. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

This article was published on 22/09/2018