Asian duo arrested for working as barbers

KUWAIT: Two Asians were arrested pending deportation for working as barbers without any licenses or observing hygiene conditions. Security sources said the suspects practiced their illegal profession in the open and attracted many customers, as they charged only 100 fils from Asians and 250 fils from Arabs for haircuts and 50 fils from Asians and 100 fils from Arabs for shaves.

Narcotics detectives were tipped off by Saudi authorities concerning a citizen involved in drug trafficking. Security sources noted Saudi authorities also said that the suspect was originally a Saudi citizen sentenced to death for drug trafficking, and that he fraudulently obtained Kuwaiti citizenship to escape death. Security sources said that the suspect made an agreement with a citizen to add him to his family file in 1991, and got citizenship in 1996. The Saudi was arrested, while the citizen who helped him fled the country.

Multiple robberies: A Saudi and three bedoons were arrested in Rumaithiya for multiple robberies.

Forgery: Three Arab expats were arrested for forgery, said security sources, noting that the suspects specialized in forging KD 20 bills and that they had printed a total of KD 1,060 to check if they could sell it. The suspects claimed that the mastermind is a citizen, who is still at large.

Counterfeit currencies seized: An Egyptian was arrested in Salmiya with KD 300 in fake KD 20 notes, said security sources, adding that the suspect confessed to buying the fake money cheaply.

Mother threatened: A female citizen filed a complaint against her 16-year-old daughter, accusing her of threatening her with a knife after she blamed her for being preoccupied with her mobile phone all the time and neglecting her studies. A search is on for the girl, who fled the house when her mother called the police.

Juveniles arrested: A number of juveniles were arrested for fighting outside a recreational facility in the Capital governorate, said security sources.

‘Tomboys’ attack: A female college student reported she was assaulted by three ‘tomboys’ over parking rights. The girl added that the assailants fled the scene before police arrived.

Robbery: The owner of a construction material store in Jahra industrial area reported that unidentified robbers broke into his store and stole paint and other construction material worth KD 5,000.

Liquor dealer held: An Asian was arrested with homebrewed liquor in Salmiya, said security sources, noting that the suspect admitted to trading in alcohol.

Building site mishap: An Egyptian construction worker sustained serious fractures when he lost balance and fell from the first floor of an under-construction building in Nugra.

Drug seizure: A Filipina was arrested with 400 gm of meth and 50 gm of heroin. Security sources said that the suspect worked at a sweetshop in Salmiya, where she received her customers, and was arrested red-handed. The suspect confessed to trading in drugs on behalf of her boyfriend, who is already doing time at the central prison for drug-related crimes.

Grocery looted: A grocer in Jahra reported that three unidentified robbers assaulted and stabbed him in his store, then stole some cigarettes and cash.

Major arrested: A police major was arrested red-handed receiving a KD 800 bribe to release an Asian in custody, said security sources. – Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa

This article was published on 01/10/2016