Al-Qadisiya Sports Club crowned champions

Al-Qadisiya Sports Club

KUWAIT: Al-Qadisiya Sports Club were basketball champions of the Kuwait Basketball League after defeating Kuwait Club 76-75 during the deciding match that was played at Fajhan Hilal Al-Mutairi court at the Al-Qadisiya club.
The match was played as each team ended the regular season with 19 points, so a deciding match was played as the competition rules stipulate.

The match was very strong from the onset as Kuwait was dominant with three pointers by Hussein Al-Khabbaz, while Qadisiya players were rushing things and reckless and the first quarter ended 17-18 for Kuwait.

Qadisiya started to recover in the second quarter, as they began to defend with the pressure which confused the attacks of Kuwait players, also Qadisiya players Saleh Yousuf and Ahmad Darweesh controlled the rebounds and took the score in favor of Qadisiya at 22-21 and ended the second quarter 35-29.

The third quarter saw both teams exchanging scores as Musaed Al-Otaibi was scorning from outside as Hamad and Mohammad Adnan were scoring from under the basket. Qadisiya was not able to score as it failed to penetrate the zone defence employed by Kuwait players who ended the quarter in their favor 55-51.

Qadisiya regained its balance in the fourth quarter through outstanding plays by Abdelmohsen Mortadha as the match ended 76-75 with Qadisiya finally emerging as winners.

By Abdellatif Sharaa

This article was published on 18/04/2018