‘Abdali Cell’ defendants’ contest rejected

KUWAIT: The constitutional court yesterday rejected a contest filed by the defendants in the Abdali Cell case against their ruling. The court’s advisory chamber reviewed the request contesting the verdict over claims that the article on which it was based was unconstitutional. Notably, the public prosecution had accused a number of defendants of committing actions jeopardizing the unity and safety of Kuwait, coordinating with Iran and Hezbollah to commit hostile acts against Kuwait, procuring, collecting and possessing explosives, machineguns, firearms, ammunition and tapping devices without a license with the aim of using them in a criminal manner.

Case dropped
Lawyer of Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanem yesterday dropped the case filed against former MP Abdul Rahman Al-Anjari, for which the latter had been sentenced to two years in jail with labor. Meanwhile, Kuwait International Airport security forces yesterday arrested a former MP sentenced to prison with labor in absentia for circulating false information and slander, while he was trying to leave the country. The suspect was referred to the criminal court.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

This article was published on 06/12/2017