AAOIFI conference discusses key hurdles to Islamic finance

KFH participates in the event as main sponsor

Isa Duwaishan with some AAOIFI participants

KUWAIT: Kuwait Finance House Group (KFH-Group) participated in the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) conference as a main sponsor. The conference was held in the Kingdom of Bahrain on the 5th and 6th of November 2017.

The conference was convened in partnership with the World Bank and under the sponsorship of the Central Bank of Bahrain. It brought together several global financial industry experts to address key issues supporting and hindering growth in the Islamic finance sector and the development of the Islamic financial services.

Discussions centered on progress being made in standardization and harmonization of international Islamic financial practices, a key precursor to the effective globalization of the industry and the adoption of Islamic financial instruments and practices worldwide.

KFH is a long standing sponsor of the event and other industry initiatives geared at supporting development and excellence in the Islamic financial services.

As KFH is a leading Islamic financial institution and one which has taken Islamic banking, finance and investing to global markets, it is supporting this annual conference dedicated to strengthening the prospects and performance of Islamic finance industry. KFH has long taken a pioneering role in the development of Islamic finance and fully supporting the work of AAOIFI in seeing Islamic instruments and capital markets further unify and expand.

The conference hosted a number of training sessions including those to become an AAOIFI Certified Sharia Advisers and Auditors.

KFH Delegation included Board member Noor Abed, Group Chief Financial Officer Shadi Zahran, and Executive Manager Group Sharia Control and Advisory Isa Duwaishan, Assistant Manager Research and Fatwa, Abdulrahman Almatooq and a number of executives from KFH-Bahrain and the Group banks.


This article was published on 08/11/2017