23 year old girl escapes rapist

KUWAIT: A girl escaped being raped at a Kabd farm. The girl went to Sulaibiya police station and lodged a complaint. A security source said the 23-year-old girl said she received a dinner invitation at a farm and was hesitant, but the man assured her he plans to marry her. He told her not to be afraid as there will be other people there. She said that when dinner was over, and while on the way to her car, the man “tried to push me into a room, but I resisted and ran out”.

Car thefts
A thief stole the car that belongs to a citizen while he was filling it up at a gas station, and sped off. Police are investigating.

KD 75 stolen
A bedoon went into a tailor shop asking for a dishdasha he had asked to be sewn earlier. When the Pakistani tailor told him he did not recall such a thing, he threatened the tailor and stole KD 75. The suspect was arrested and confessed to have not given the tailor any tailoring order. – Translated from the Arabic press

This article was published on 16/07/2017