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The importance of motherhood

realfouzIn life, we can get caught up with whatever we are interested in, whether it was a goal we want to achieve or a talent we want to excel in. We, as human beings, go through a lot of emotional ups and downs during our journey, and it can definitely drift us away from the importance of life and living. We often get distracted from the simple and basic essentials for a happy and healthy life.

The importance of positive relationships in life is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, these relationships can shape and form our personalities and character. It also influences the approach we use to tackle problems we face.

However, every relationship we decide to partake in of course has its own importance, pros and cons, but nothing beats the importance of the relationship between you and your mother. It is probably the most complex and the most complicated relationship known to mankind.

We all owe our lives to our mothers, she is the reason I’m writing this article and they are the reason you’re reading this. Every child’s first relationship is the one with the mother, which acts as a template they use for all the other emotional relationships they experience on that day after. Mothers teach us how to nurture, love, care for, and protect everyone that we care for. They also teach us patience and many more life lessons only by observing their behavior. A stable and healthy relationship with the mother encourages the child to be a part of a healthy relationship in the future and to make a more positive choice when looking for a partner.

However, not every woman who gave birth is considered a mother. Mothers are the women who raise happy, healthy and positive children. They are not mothers only for physically carrying a baby for nine months. Sadly, the abandonment rate has skyrocketed alarmingly in the past few years. These results due to a number of reasons, some being mothers are very young, the mothers themselves didn’t enjoy a healthy bond with their families, they’re not ready to have children, and the list goes on.

Neglecting children
It saddens me to see children being mistreated or mislead to live an unstable life which results in them having a very difficult upbringing. Abandonment doesn’t necessarily mean giving up your child for adoption; I mean it in a more emotional manner. What I usually see is the kids are being left with nannies more than they are being around their own mothers.

These nannies are becoming these children’s mothers - now, I am not against having nannies, but I am against a mother who completely neglects all her duties as a mother and lets the children eat, drink, go out and sleep with someone else other than her. These poor children will grow up trying to fill up an emotional void with all sorts of unwanted or negative attention. As a result of being let down and disappointed by the person who was supposed to be their backbone they will not know how to differentiate between people who truly love them and those who would harm them.

Little girls will end up with abusive men as partners, boys will end up being men who have low self-esteem and struggle having a stable relationship or abuse women. Women who are considering becoming mothers should really educate themselves and truly understand the importance their existence will be to another human being, and fully accept that obligation and responsibility instead of just bringing in more lives to only let them exist rather than to live and grow to become beautiful human beings.

A family is a beautiful thing to have, they can be your support, your backbone and your hope to having good in this world. They should never be considered anything less than positive and healthy. It hurts my heart and soul to see women who call themselves mothers shatter young children’s lives, esteem, and innocence.

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This article was published on 15/04/2015