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The benefits of sleep

lifestyleSleep plays a vital role in your well-being and mental health. It is extremely important to get enough rest and sleep in order for your muscles, brain and blood vessels to repair themselves. Obviously, if you're sleep deficient it would be harder for you to work properly, make decisions or control your emotions. We can only expect so much from ourselves and our bodies, and we have to make sure we rest, and sometimes pamper ourselves to feel better, or else how are we going to get everything we want to get done with an overworked brain and exhausted body? It's not fair.

I've always had trouble with my sleep, ever since I was young. I could never sleep whenever I was supposed to, I don't sleep enough hours and what's even weirder is that I would function better off of less sleep rather than getting enough sleep. All through university years it was pretty much the same pattern; however, now that I work around 12-14 hours a day it started to really get to me and my body. I started to watch shows to fall asleep, or listen to "sleep music". With time, these tricks start to fade and not work anymore.

Biological clock
Few things I started to change in my daily routine, which is working out. Working out really exhausts you and your muscles will need good sleep to repair themselves. For some reason, I instantly feel sleepy after a workout. So, what I started to do is to schedule my workouts to be later during the day, and sometimes late night to come back home and crash. A warm shower or bath is also another good suggestion I tried out. The warm water is good for your blood circulation, its also known to relax you.

Try to set a regular time to go sleep every day, this will help you function better and be in-sync with your biological clock. You will also figure out how many hours of sleep your body will need, because not everyone can function off of 6-8hours of sleep as we all know.

I read up about the issue online, and found this table that shows how many hours of sleep is recommended for each age group.

Recommended amount of sleep:
Newborns: 16-18 hours a day
Preschool-aged children: 11-12 hours a day
School-aged children: At least 10 hours a day
Teens: 9-10 hours a day
Adults (including the elderly): 7-8 hours a day

Keep in mind, this table doesn't necessarily work for everyone. Personally, I get less sleep than is recommended. Sometimes I wake up feeling energetic and sometimes I wake up feeling like a walking zombie. However, lost sleep tends to pile up, meaning the less sleep you get the more hours of sleep you will need to compensate your body for being exhausted.

Exhausted skin
Exhaustion can really cause long term effects, such as tired or exhausted skin. You will start having a darker under-eye area, and can even result in dehydration, slower hair and nails growth. Your body starts overworking itself, you burn more fat and you start loosing weight. Keep in mind, losing weight due to exhaustion is not cute. It seriously shows when a woman looses weight due to exhaustion, where she would look tired and ill, whereas loosing weight due to a healthier lifestyle and workout routine, where she would look healthier, fit and energetic.

We carry our bodies with us throughout our lifetime, it has the right to be taken care of. So does your soul, brain and heart. These vital organs really do play an essential role in our happiness, confidence and outlook on life. Some things are just not worth it for us to get worked up on or exhausted. Learn how to let things go, and prioritize what really matters to you like yourself, family and partner. Listen to your body, and taking time off or canceling on plans to pamper yourself is never a bad idea, because that is what will help you work better and harder.

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This article was published on 14/05/2015