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How to deal with your moody boss?

real-fouzSometimes in life, we all have to deal with people we wouldn’t necessarily invite over for dinner or coffee. We also go through that in our work-life, we struggle with different difficulties in our job and career. Facing these obstacles tend to discourage you from doing your best at what you do, and sometimes it can be as bad as you quitting or moving jobs. A huge number of people suffer from having issues with their boss or manager. This is one of the most popular reason why people quit their job. Bosses tend to be moody or short-tempered due to all the stresses they are put under with their job, so when you start to understand what you can and cannot do to enhance the situation, it tends to get better with time. Here are some tips that might help you put up with these kinds of situations:

• Do not take it personally: Sometimes if you allow the negative energy influence you in any sort of way, you will have a miserable time working.

• Be Objective: This is the workplace; you are not responsible for anyone’s behavior nor work, other than yours. You shouldn’t be exhausting yourself by trying to understand why every employee or boss/manager is behaving in a specific way. • Don’t let it get to your head: Every institution or company and so on has their own management hierarchy. Don’t fight that, and accept it. Every person in an institute has his/her own vital role in keeping the business up and running smoothly. Comparing your position and your boss’s won’t make the situation any more pleasant.

• Respect space: Give yourself and your boss some space, don’t run around after your boss being a whip and saying yes to every task. Actions speak louder than words, showing someone that some things are unacceptable, by using a specific tone of voice and your body language would have a larger impact in showing the person in front you that you are not tolerating this situation.

• Listen carefully: We tend to shut and cut off people we don’t agree with, which results in each individual going their own direction or plan. This isn’t a good idea if you had a moody boss, because listening carefully might help the situation a lot. Better communication and understanding are keys to solving or dealing with any problem or person, not just your boss.

• Avoid accusations: Don’t allow your boss’s insecurity become your insecurity. Use evidence and logic to secure your position in any problem that occurs. Try to avoid the gossip around the office, and as long as you’re doing your job right, nothing else matters.

• Stay humble: Own up to any mistake that you have made or role that had resulted in a confrontation or problem. Being fair will earn you more respect, and the possibility of your boss cooling down and realizing some of his/her mistakes is higher.

The more we experience work and dealing with different people for many reasons, not only personal, we tend to understand more and more that understanding people and their mentalities is very critical for having any sort of relationship to move forward.

These experiences matures us and teaches us how to be accepting towards any person. You should always and unconditionally be professional, and sometimes it takes guts to swallow your pride, but with time, you will be more respected for not mixing work and personal. Some rocky relationships at work will tend to smooth over with time. You will meet hundreds, if not thousands, throughout your career, as long as you and the person you are working with have the same objectives and goals, it doesn’t matter how the job will get done, as long as it gets done.

Until next week! xo

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This article was published on 08/04/2015