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How to be happy and at peace within yourself

real-fouzWith a fast paced life, and a very demanding lifestyle we get so caught up with what we want to achieve and who we want to become that we tend to lose that sense of fulfillment no matter what we achieve and go on in life. It’s sad to see people who are good and successful at what they do but can’t seem to see it themselves or realize it. Ever since social media exploded and boomed recently we realized the amount of hate and negativity that goes around. In the Middle East, it’s such a saturated industry, with many people doing many of the same things, but it is still an immature market. It is only during these recent years that people are all about social media; Instagram, Snapchat and whatever network you prefer, because I feel people in the region have become more open and accepting to what is around in terms on people and how they dressed, lived their lives and way of thinking. However, with every change or revolution there has to be some people who are against that change or don’t necessarily agree with it.

Shift of mentalities
More than ever now we see young girls and women posting and blogging about their daily lives, some even promoting on social media, sharing their pictures with the world. We weren’t used to having girl and women being so out there and even now not every girl/woman can post pictures of herself. What has been the most shocking to me is how people can be online. Not the bloggers or influencers, but the people following these popular people.

I feel like people have lost their sense of humanity and morality more than ever with this openness and shift of mentalities. I am all for women going out there and doing what they want to do and what their hearts are passionate towards but I am definitely against judging, bullying and shaming women and young girls who are trying their best to achieve their goals.

What I can’t wrap my head around is how come people nowadays don’t consider what this human being that they are harassing going through? All this judging and negativity can really get to some people. I know that during the beginning of my journey in social media I got a lot of hate and I was literally bullied. It felt horrible, people said so many things and posted so many lies that It was too overwhelming that I considered stopping what I do, not because I don’t like it but because people can be terrible.

Not perfect
Don’t people think about what if that person is having a bad day? What is he/she has issues with their family? What if they were struggling with self-esteem issues and depression? You can never imagine or truly know how words can tear people apart and really put them down.

I think people need to truly understand how it is horrible to make someone else feel bad about themselves. We are not perfect, no one is. We don’t have the right to judge people, spread rumors about them nor bring them down, especially when they are doing nothing harmful to you nor affecting you in any way whatsoever. We should look up to people, let them inspire us, even their mistakes should be inspiring, so we can learn to avoid them and learn from them. People on social media are on social media because they have thick skin, and a strong personality.

They would never be able to do it otherwise, which is also something inspiring and something I definitely respect. The only way to avoid judging and being negative towards people is if you were truly happy with yourself and your own life. You will never be capable to do that if you don’t do what makes your heart happy. Forget other people, the “rules”, the norm and what is expected of you and do what makes you happy and what makes your eyes sparkle.

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This article was published on 27/05/2015