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A friend in need is a friend indeed

real-fouzRecently, we live in a world where smiling to random people in the streets is considered weird, where genuinely helping out someone is not believed unless you have something to get out of it. Over the years, with the burst of different careers, the birth of new industries and the openness of how people live their life, people have lost the feeling of humanity. We are born with a clear and idealistic sense of what is right and wrong, and what can be hurtful to others.

With so many horrible things happening in the world, and seeing how people treat others, people start growing thicker skin around their feelings.

Some people loose the ability to feel bad for others or when they see horrible things happening for them. We see the people whom we’ve idolized and look up to do many things that don’t make sense to use, and goes against our beliefs. Which confuses us and maybe redirects us to another, less healthy path.

Each individual grows up differently, with a different religion, background, lifestyle and upbringing. Each human being is humane, even serial killers and murderers. The only difference is how they were taught to see themselves. How they were brought up to respect and accept others plays a magnificent role in planting humanity within children as well as grownups. The experiences we go through also sculpt our characters and our way of thought.

Which I disagree with, because we shouldn’t blame others for our wrongdoing and inhumanity. Right is right and wrong is wrong; there is no way around it. People shouldn’t make you loose hope in humanity, or mislead you into thinking that you can be anything other than a genuine and caring person. All of this leads us to the point of this article, friendship.

Many of us appreciate and respect the friendships we’ve built with others throughout the years. A friend truly considers your well-being to be as valuable as their own. Time and distance have nothing to do with a friendship, I’m sure we have that friend that we speak to every once in a while, but feels like it was just yesterday.

Believing in humanity
Unfortunately, girls in particular have misunderstood the concept of friendship. We think the people we hang out the most are our friends, the people who know so much about ourselves and all our secrets, however, it might be the exact opposite. These people might end up being the people who hurt you the most. We should be very smart about who we call a true friend.

Lately, with everyone being interested in monitoring other people and how they live their lives and gossip, its hard to figure out who your true friend is, and its only when you go through hard times that you realize that. Because keep in mind that just about anyone is up for a fun ride, but not everyone is willing to go difficulties with you.

I believe in friendship, I believe in humanity and good people in this world. We need to be more accepting and caring for the world to revolve in a more positive and inspiring way. Friendships are what help some people survive through hardships, your friends wish you nothing but success and would love to see you blossom and grow to becoming the best version of you. These friends can sometimes be your family, or your partner.

We shouldn’t let our careers, job, insecurities or life in general turn us into emotionless robots. Friendships and any kind of relationship is what make us human, without them we would become animals, with no humanity, emotions and the capability to communicate to do good and see people do good.

A true friend is someone who has touched your heart and stayed there. Who is bluntly honest with you, appreciative to your gestures, supportive and most importantly genuine. Become a better friend to those you’re already friends with, and befriend anyone going through a hard time. It helps, a lot.

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This article was published on 06/05/2015